Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I found this really fun site called It is an educational blog which allows teachers to post interesting sites or things that they are doing in their classroom. For example there was a blog that was entitled, "10 free vocabulary games your kids will learn from." I clicked on that and it led me to this cool interactive site for younger students. To visit the blog go to

one side note on this blog is that there are some posts that seem kind of "facebook like." What I mean is that there are some posts that are just about a teacher's rotten day which I guess could be helpful to other teachers, as in a "I won't be doing that," sort of thing!


  1. I looked at this website and it's a great website for teachers. I love how you can easily find lesson plan and even game ideas to use in the classroom. I also liked the teacher resource link. It's a very good website for teachers!

  2. This seems to be an awesome website for educational blogging. I like how you can share blogs via facebook or twitter!!! There is so much you can find on here and it seems that everyone who blogs seems very educated.