Sunday, March 20, 2011

Blogs, Wikis, and SmartBoards

An education blog I found is called Borderland. This blog is written by a teacher named Doug. The blog talks a lot about the struggles in teaching and teaching news. This site could be used by teachers as a resource to find out what is going on in the teaching community. I have booked marked this blog so I can look at it every now and then.

I really like the wiki site I really like how it is set up to share photos, and it is like an online scrapbook. Teachers could use this site as a virtual newsletter for parents to keep them updated with what is going on in the classroom. In addition, teachers can upload pictures of class activities. I would defiantly use this site for a newsletter. It is much easier for parents to log onto the pikiwiki site to see a newsletter, then to count on the newsletter coming home safely. Also doing a newsletter on pikiwiki lets the teacher updated it more often then a traditional newsletter would be..

My favorite website that I found about smart boards was . This site had interactive whiteboard tools, activities, and even notebook layouts for lessons. I would certainly use this website. It has links to other sites with tools for almost any subject. Teachers could use this in the classroom by looking for tools that they could use in their curriculum.

The difference between wikis and blogs are that wikis have multiple authors and editors. Blogs are written by one person, while other people can read and comment on the posts.


  1. I love the website you found about whiteboards. Its amazing to me to see how many resources are avaliable for teachers. I wish every teacher that is lucky enough to have this type of technology in their classroom would take the time to research interactive programs like on the website you found. Have a great day!

  2. I also like the whiteboard website that you found! And I agree I really like the PikiWiki site because it's like making an online scrapbooking page and I love scrapbooking and most of my pictures are on the computer so it's easy to upload them!