Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Smartboard Blog

I found a great website on blogs about SMART boards. They give ideas and websites that you can incorporate with the SMART boards. They also have alot of links to websites which is nice. They give game and lesson plan ideas. A very awesome blog website for teachers who have a SMART board!


  1. I checked out the blog and I think it is so cool to have links to sites that have different ways to utilize the smart board. I was thinking that in a classroom of older kids that the smart board might quickly become as boring as an old fashioned chalkboard. However, by using blogs to find new ideas to introduce in the classroom you can keep the smart board fun and exciting.

  2. I love this site because we all have our ways we like to teach and this can help us so that we do not teach just one way but use other ideas to incorporate for all students.