Monday, March 21, 2011

Blogs, Wikis and SmartBoards in Education

I found a great website on blogs about SMART boards. They give ideas and websites that you can incorporate with the SMART boards. They also have a lot of links to websites which is nice. They give game and lesson plan ideas. A very awesome blog website for teachers who have a SMART board! This website can help teachers find lesson plans and lesson plan ideas to use in the classroom. I would use that website and save it in the bookmarks because for example the one blog had a website you could click on and it was a website full of already premade interactive lessons that you could use on the SMART board.
The PikiWiki is a website that allows you to upload videos and photos on to a webpage and you can add blogs and etc. I like the fact that uploading a picture is just simply dragging the picture to the webpage, it’s that easy. I think that PikiWiki could be used in the classroom by having the children make a PikiWiki page about a research project because it allows the students to be creative and would be fun for them instead of just typing up a paper. I would use PikiWiki in the classroom like I said for research projects to make assignments interesting and fun for the students.

The SmartBoard interactive tools was interactive games that students would be able to use on a SmartBoard while allowing students to be creative. There was a online piano keyboard that is interactive that would be great for teaching music. I would use a lot of those tools in the classroom especially if a lesson plan got done early and you have a couple spare minutes to allow the children to take turns on the SmartBoard.
Blogs are an online journal that allows users to subscribe and communicate with other uses by commenting on the blogs. Wiki’s are more of a website used to get and gather information and being able to add to the Wiki if you have additional information.

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  1. I love the online piano! Music is a huge part of our society and incorporating that into the classroom can make it fun and help them learn.