Saturday, March 26, 2011

Blogs, WIkis, and SmartBoard websites


The purpose of this website is to share information, documents, and files with paresnts and students. Hold duscussions online, outside of class, report grades online to students or their parents, keep in touch wit hprivate messages.SchoolRack is a free online tool that makes it easy to publish and personalize a useful teacher website, without any software. They have created the tools to make it easy for you to post homework online, class notes, pictures.It could be used so much in the classroom. Some more examples are student and parent collaboration, discussion boards, the students are able to subscribe to different teachers blogs, allow the students to submit assignments on it, and private messaging. I would use this in my classroom! I think it is so important to be proactive in your students' lives and having a place online for them to come to outside of the classroom shows them you truly care.


The purpose of Pikiwiki is allowing someone to create an instant webpage without any software. PikiWiki enables users to create with a variety of media ("Piki", as in "pictures") and is built from the ground up to support rich collaboration ("Wiki" as in the popular software concept for editable websites). However, PikiWiki is different than a traditional, structured Wiki in that it neither requires nor uses any special markup language. PikiWiki is not intended as a replacement for traditional Wikis, but rather represents a new way for casual, quick and easy collaboration, especially when multiple forms of media are involved, not just text. This could be used in the classroom by having students create webpages describing their selves or a hobby they enjoy. When working on ancestory the students could create a webpage about their ancesorty. I would use this in the classroom because outside of the classroom technology is used so much so showing them in the classroom how to use it will help them.


The purpose of dotty dots is to put text in and it writes the word using colorful dots! This could be used in the classroom during language arts and phonics activities. A lot of students do not think words are fun but showing them something like this defiantely makes it fun! I would use it in the classroom because I want to help my students enjoying learning and see that learning can be fun!

The difference between a blog and wiki is a blog is a sort of online journal. It is updated daily or weekly or whenever the author desires. A wiki is a platform that is meant for anyone to update in real time. A blog is owned by an individual whereas wiki is being updated by many people around the world

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